fredag, maj 08, 2009

...a redraw of a childhood favorit bookcover, I really always adored the cover of "Dealing Whit Dragons" painted by Trina Schart Hyman, I liked the book to, alot, but it was always the cover image that I remembered, so the other day I wanted to make my own version...this is how i started out...then I got bored whit it cus it din't turn out the way it was suppose to, never does...she looks way to evil..she's not supose to be wine wan't some chhees? I drank some Reall good wine the day befor yesterday man oh man, and I don't even like wine...tahh..
gosh im bored, tired and uninspired...

2 kommentarer:

  1. She realy looks evil...almost (let's take over the world evil). But I do like it alot :) A little evil is never wrong ha!

  2. L's right a little evil is never wrong deari!^^ and I really like her! I think you made her compleatly your own even if she was suposed to look like a new version of the old bookcover=) haha and thing's NEVER! turns out the way it's supposed to^^ belive me I know!<3