torsdag, april 09, 2009

should'av call it metso-s-allmost-daily skeaths blogg instead...or weekly...tss so

These were some 5 min fun doodles on

A friend of mine wannted me to draw his werewolf charakter, for his are some of the early paintings.

A tattoo desig that Im thinking of getting on my wrist some day thuoght the design is not final, so might take some time before that happens...

yeah painted some more on Rudra, but i don't know...don't have the time or motivation to contiunue it. the colours are of, suppose to fix 'em...will but well...

and then here some flash animations! blogg dosen't let me upload .swf have to find another palce to host well to be continued...

Cheer's! :)

onsdag, april 01, 2009

April's here, And I feel better then ever.

sooo...wass 'tis all
about then?

Well... frankly, this will be a place for me to post a lot of junk pixes, and perhaps one or two good ones, so that curious friends can keep a track of what’s going on in my head, and me too for that matter. It will be nice to have things in one place.



Amanda Palmer